Math Program Overview


San Diego Hua Xia Chinese School Math Program (MP) offers enriched, extracurricular learning experience in elementary to mid-level mathematics, covering a wide spectrum of topics, such as, numbers, algebra, geometry, and combinatorics, and aiming to enhance students’ mathematical skills beyond their regular K-12 school math education. Though not specifically targeting math competitions, the Math Program may help students preparing for junior math competitions (such as Math Olympia, AMC 8).

For students exploring the wonderful realm of mathematics, MP strives to stimulate their interests in math concepts, develop their problem-solving skills, and encourage their critical thinking, making math “FUN and THOUGHTFUL.”

The classroom teaching emphasizes INTUITION and INTELLECT underlining key mathematical concepts and skills. To promote students’ interest in learning, the teaching staff adopt a multi-faceted approach via the lens of Number + Shape + Model, in an effort to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts and their inter-relations between one and another.

The MP offers a series of general courses at elementary level, corresponding to elementary school grade level from 3 to 5. In addition, advanced curriculum may be offered at mid-level (6 grade and above) for specific math topics.

Currently, the MP accepts students from THIRD (3) grade to FIFTH (5) grade, who have received at least a minimum of TWO years of regular school math education.


MP-1 (3rd grade level)


Level 1 class is designed for a beginner who has basic (minimal 2 years) knowledge on rudimentary arithmetics (addition and subtraction; some multiplication). Generally, students at 3rd grade level are enrolled in this class.

The curriculum covers introductory level topics on basic numbers and shapes, with a particular focus on fostering students’ interest and enjoyment in learning math. The curriculum emphasizes foundational math concepts and skills, encouraging students to develop skills in mental math and to approach problems from multiple perspectives.


MP-2 (4th grade level) 


Level 2 class builds upon foundational skills (after Level 1) and prepares for more advanced study. Generally, students at 4th grade level are enrolled in this class.

The curriculum covers further topics on integers and shapes, with some introduction to counting, fractions, and decimals. The curriculum aims to enhance students’ algebraic and geometric understanding of foundational math concepts, improve students’ analytical skills in math problem solving, and prepare students for more advanced topics in math.


MP-3 (5th grade level) 


Level 3 class covers more advanced topics at upper elementary math level. Generally, only students at 5th grade level are enrolled in this class.

The curriculum covers deeper topics on real numbers, shapes, and counting, introducing pre-algebra topics on exponents, roots, algebraic expressions and equations. The curriculum aims to sharpen students’ math understanding and skills, in preparation for further mid-level math study.

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